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Classic Overdrive with Some Added Kick

If you're looking for an overdrive pedal with character, Sweetwater has a recommendation. Running on 18 volts, the JHS Moonshine V2 takes your guitar signal and gives it attitude. JHS started with an iconic green OD pedal design and massively tweaked it to create a versatile stompbox that will do you right no matter what your musical persuasion. Volume, Tone, and Drive knobs, in concert with a 2-position Proof toggle, give you the classic tone. And a clean blend control lets you mix in your unaffected signal. Whether pushing your amp's front end or just looking for that midrange goodness, check out the JHS Moonshine V2.

Classic overdrive with a clean blend

Transparency was never the calling card of a certain legendary green overdrive. And it's that same mid-forward crunch that inspires the JHS Moonshine V2. Whether you're dialing in a little clean boost or you've got the Drive control dimed, Moonshine remains responsive to your touch and your guitar's volume control. And with the V2 addition of a blend control, you command how much note clarity your tone contains. This also makes the Moonshine V2 a great option for bass and even keyboards.

Running on 18 volts for big tone

A big part of the Moonshine V2's sonic moxie stems from the fact that it's running on 18 volts. JHS, in their wisdom, fitted the Moonshine with an internal charge pump that takes the juice from your standard 9-volt adapter and converts it to a whopping 18 volts. The result is enormous headroom, girthy low end, and killer punch. The old green overdrive sounds great. But if you're ready for the next level, check out the Moonshine V2.

JHS pedals are handcrafted tone machines

When you plug your guitar into a JHS pedal like the Moonshine V2, you're tapping into care and passion that few manufacturers put into their products. Each JHS pedal is handbuilt and tested by the JHS team in Kansas City, Missouri. Because they design their pedals for specific musical purposes, we're sure there's a JHS pedal that's perfect for any player's rig.

JHS Moonshine V2 Guitar Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • Low-mid gain overdrive with a midrange emphasis
  • Works great as a gain boost
  • Runs at 18 volts via an internal charge pump converter
  • Volume, Tone, and Drive knobs let you easily nail the sound you're after
  • 2-position Proof toggle gives you instant high-gain/low-gain versatility
  • Blend control brings your unaffected signal back in for added clarity
  • Works great on bass and keyboards

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