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A Wider Range Than the Original

The JHS SuperBolt V2 overdrive pedal re-creates the sound of the combo amplifiers used on legendary recordings by Jimmy Page and Brian Setzer among others. The SuperBolt V2 gives you the touch sensitivity and power amp sag that made the original amps so much fun to play through. Cranked up, the SuperBolt V2 is mean and nasty. At lower settings, you get a more subtle, darker tone. And this updated version of the pedal boasts an improved taper on the volume control for a wider sweet spot. However you use it, the JHS SuperBolt V2 will sound great on your pedalboard.

JHS SuperBolt V2 Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • Updated version of the popular SuperBolt overdrive
  • Classic amp-style overdrive tones in a pedal
  • Volume, Tone, and Drive controls
  • Gain switch goes from high headroom grit to squishy drive
  • External footswitch input for gain switch

Classic combo amp overdrive in a pedal.


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