5-string Passive Single Coil Jazz Bass Pickup Set

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Sound Exchange USA


Vintage output neck and bridge single coil set for 5-string Jazz V basses with the wider cover size.This pickup set captures the tone, feel and articulation of a great ’62 Jazz Bass. Seymour Duncan harnessed the warmth, subtle aggressive attack, mid range growl, and the J-tone that sits just right and voiced it to go lower than before. Why should we limit amazing tone to 4 strings, they adjusted the coil geometry and winding configuration to compensate for the different nature of extended range instruments. It’s now possible to capture the subtle characteristics of traditional “J-tone” all the way down to the low “B.” This pickup uses the wider cover size of the modern Fender Jazz V basses. If you have an older 5-string Jazz Bass, use the 70-74 model for the proper fit. Comes with black covers.Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the 6770 uses hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets, Forbon flatwork, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal free performance.

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