Aquarian Drumheads Hi-Energy Snare Drumhead w/ Dot - 14"

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A 10-mil Snare Head w/ Added Durability and Control

Like your old standby, the Aquarian Hi-Energy snare drum head starts with a single ply of 10-mil film. But bonded to its entire surface is a super-fine layer of Aquarian's Power Dot material to gently control overring, plus a center reverse Power Dot for added reinforcement. These enhancements go the extra mile to prolong the life of your head and deter overtones. The result is an easy-miking snare head that retains the natural qualities of your drum but boasts a crisp, controlled crack and a full low end. Sweetwater drummers particularly like the Aquarian Hi-Energy head for steel and brass snares, and especially recommend this head to rock drummers who prefer a consistent backbeat over a wide range of dynamic control.

Aquarian Hi-Energy 14" Snare Drum Head Features:

  • Single-ply head with added durability and consistent dynamics
  • Perfect for rock drummers
  • Retains the characteristics of your snare
  • Promises a crisp, controlled attack and a full low end
  • Recommended for steel and brass snares
  • Built from a single ply of 10-mil film
  • Reverse Power Dot reinforces head center
  • Fine layer of Power Dot material gently controls overtones

Tech Specs

  • Batter/Resonant: Batter with Center Power Dot
  • Size: 14"
  • Clear/Coated: Clear
  • Thickness: 10mil, 1-ply
  • Manufacturer Part Number: HE14

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