Aquila USA 23U Regular G Baritone Ukulele String Set - All Nylgut

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The Sound, Feel, and Stability of Nylgut

Aquila 23U Baritone Ukulele Strings are make of Nylgut, a synthetic material that stays in tune and gives you accurate fret intonation. With a density similar to natural gut, Nylgut delivers a gut-like sound but remains stable when subjected to changes in humidity. Sweetwater ukulele players love Nylgut strings, and we think you will, too.



Aquila 23U Baritone Ukulele String Set Features:
  • Regular GCEA tuning
  • All Nylgut set
String your uke with Aquila!

Tech Specs

  • Number of Strings:4
  • String Material:Nylgut
  • Gauges:.024, .031, .037, .026
  • Manufacturer Part Number:STAQUIL-53129

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