Behringer Bass V-AMP Pro Rackmount Amp Modeler and Multi-Effect

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Tons of Classic Bass Amps and FX in One Rackmountable Modeler! Behringer's Bass V-AMP Pro rackmount bass amplifier modeler is the compact 19" version of the powerhouse BASS V-AMP -- with a few extra little treats. This "Pro" edition features 32 different amp models, 23 speaker cab simulations, 16 essential onboard effects, 25 different memory banks with 5 presets each, an automatic tuner, 15 different rear panel connectors, MIDI in and out/thru connectivity, and balanced stereo XLR DI outs with ground lift. For all its features, the V-AMP Pro remains super compact and lightweight at only 5.75 pounds -- perfect for the studio or live shows. You'll never be short on sounds or effects once you fire your signal through this ultimate toolbox of tone!

Mad Tones for Bass, Guitar, and Keys Too The most stunning aspect of your BASS V-AMP Pro is the immense number of tonal options laid out right at your fingertips. This baby features 32 different amp models, including British '60s, '70s, '80s and British Pop, as well as 23 different speaker cab options. This tonal treasure trove also hosts amp models for keys and acoustic/electric guitars. You'll spend hours playing around with the vast stable of amp and cabinet combinations this monster amp modeler can dish out.

A Stable of Onboard Effects: Store 125 Patches for Instant Recall If 32 amp models and 23 cab simulators isn't enough, your Behringer BASS V-AMP Pro also provides 16 different onboard effects for you to color your signal with a little extra sonic flair -- including wah-wah, modulation effects, delay, reverb, noise gate, compression, chorus, flanger, phaser, and even more. You'll always be able to keep dull and uninteresting tones at bay with this do-it-all amp modeler -- and store 125 patches for instant recall. Of course, there's also an auto-chromatic tuner to keep you on pitch.

Mad Set of Rear Panel Connectors The back panel of your BASS V-AMP Pro features 15 different connection options for a whole host of applications, including balanced analog outs, MIDI In and Out/Thru connectors, S/P'DIF and AES/EBU connectors, and a balanced XLR outs with ground lift and switchable Ultra-G cabinet simulation. This baby has a pre-DSP insert loop if you want to add any external effects to your signal, and stereo post-DSP send and return jacks as well, so you can monitor wet while recording dry.

Robustly Built for the Studio and Live Gigs Everything the Behringer BASS V-AMP Pro amp modeler has to offer fits comfortably into a compact, durable, and lightweight 2-rackspace piece of equipment. This baby is your best friend for the recording studio as well as shows on the road. Just plug your instrument in, fire up the V-AMP, and get lost in endless sessions of tonal exploration.

Features: - 32 virtual amp models
- 23 speaker cabinet simulations
- Three-band EQ and gain controls
- Effects include noise gate, compressor, wah-wah, modulation effects, delay and reverb settings
- 25 memory banks with 5 presets each for a total of 125 memory locations
- Onboard automatic tuner
- Rear panel connectors feature 15 different connection options for various routing applications
- Comprehensive MIDI in, out/thru options
- AES/EBU and S/PDIF connectors can be used for all-purpose A/D converter with 24-bit/96 kHz digital output
- BNC wordclock input for external sample rate synchronization -- up to 96 kHz
- Post DSP stereo inserts allow connection of any external effects
- Balanced stereo XLR DI out features ground lift and switchable Ultra-G cabinet simulation
- Stereo 1/4" line outputs controlled by master volume for live use as guitar preamp
- Pre DSP send/return allows for dry recording and wet monitoring
- Exceptionally low-noise instrument input provides maximum instrument signal integrity
- Internal power supply unit

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