Charvel Standard Molded Case - Black

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Hard shell case



Tailor-made for Your Charvel!

This molded guitar case from Charvel is built from durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) resin material. A TSA-approved trigger-release latching system makes this case travel ready.

Charvel: the innovators of the Superstrat

One-time Fender employee Wayne Charvel earned a name for himself in the mid-1970s by upgrading stock Stratocasters to "Superstrats": guitars with bold custom paint jobs, Floyd Rose tremolo systems, and hot-rodded high-gain electronics. Wayne's designs pushed the envelope on what the electric guitar was capable of, allowing Strat players to take their familiar and great-playing axes to new heights for hard rock, metal, hardcore punk, and virtuosic playing styles.

Fits these Charvel models:

  • 2976181398 Joe DePlantier SD2 HH JOE D Satin White
  • 2968001503 PM SC1 2H LH FR Black
  • 2967101503 PM SD2 2H LH FR Black
  • 2967001503 PM SD1 2H LH FR Black
  • 2965804568 Super Stck Charvel DK24
  • 2965301582 PM SD2 2H FR RW FR Ash
  • 2965301503 PM SD2 2H FR RW FR Black
  • 2965151582 PM SD2 2H HT Ash
  • 2965151521 PM SD2 2H HT Chlorine Burst
  • 2965101539 PM SD2 2H FR Satin Red
  • 2965101521 PM SD2 2H FR Satin Silver
  • 2965101512 PM SD2 2H FR Trans Red Burst
  • 2965101511 PM SD2 2H FR Trans Blue Burst
  • 2965101510 PM SD2 2H FR Trans Black Burst
  • 2963351574 PM SD2-7 2H HT Charcoal Grey
  • 2963351557 PM SD2-7 2H HT Okoume

Charvel Standard Molded Case Features:

  • Molded guitar case
  • Built from durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) resin material
  • Equipped with a TSA trigger-release latching system

Tech Specs

  • Intended Guitar Type:Charvel So-Cal Style 1, San Dimas Style 1/2 Guitars
  • Internal Materials:Foam interior with plush
  • External Materials:ABS shell, TSA accepted locks
  • Handles/Straps:1 x handle
  • Pockets:Internal accessory compartment
  • Manufacturer Part Number:0090915000

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