D'Addario Lubrikit Friction Remover For Nut, Tremolo, and Bridge

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Better Tuning, Less String Breakage

The D'Addario Lubrikit string lubricant improves your tuning stability and string life by reducing friction at the nut and bridge. One drop on the nut, and another drop on your bridge keep your strings from catching or binding. The D'Addario Lubrikit will help avoid excess string breakage, get better tremolo performance, and stay in tune much better. Don't let friction comprimise your guitar's playability, keep D'Addario Lubrikit string lubricant in your case!

D'Addario Lubrikit String Lubricant Features:
  • Formula to remove friction from guitar strings on the bridge and nut
  • Extends string life
  • Avoids string binding for better tuning stability
  • Minimizes string breakage from improperly filed nut or saddle slots
Help your strings perform the way they should with the Lubrikit. Tech Specs
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PW-LBK-01

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