D'Addario H310-44M Helicore 4/4-Scale Violin Strings - Medium

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Sound Exchange USA

Helicore strings are crafted with a multi-strand twisted steel core and
wound with exotic metals like titanium (used here for the first time in
bowed instrument strings). These innovative materials have enabled us to
design strings with a very small diameter to provided extremely quick
bow response. The application of damping resins under selected windings
gives the Helicores a warm, rich sound, quite unlike steel strings of
the past. The strings are subtle under the ear, yet carry great
projection in large concert halls. Helicores stay in tune especially
well due to their cores, and retain a very long playing life. They are
available in complete sets or individually for violin, viola, cello and
bass Gauges:
H310 4/4M Medium 18.6-12.7-11.5-10.2

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