DBX 166xs Dual-Channel Compressor / Limiter / Gate

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Keep your live sound under control! When you add a dbx 166XS compressor/limiter/gate to your live sound rig, maintaining a polished and professional edge to your dynamics is incredibly easy. The 166XS's transparent sound lends itself perfectly to guitars, drums, vocals, and virtually any other sound sources. Classic dbx auto mode makes smoothing out levels nearly 100% foolproof. Bright and easy-to-read LED indicators let you easily keep an eye on levels and gain reduction. The 166XS also features a program-adaptive expander/gate on either channel, allowing you to achieve maximum clarity, and PeakStop limiters keep out-of-control peaks in line. Put the 166XS on your stereo mix to protect your amps and speakers, or set it in dual mono mode to manage two independent sound sources. No matter how you use it, you're going to be glad you picked up one of these excellent 2-channel dynamics processors.

dbx 166XS 2-channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate Features at a Glance:
Great sounding dynamics control for any program material
New gate timing algorithms ensure the smoothest release
Program-adaptive expander/gates
LEDs for gain reduction, compression and gate threshold
PeakStop limiters protect your amps and speakers
Stereo or dual-mono operation
Balanced inputs and outputs on 1/4" TRS and XLR connectors
Sidechain insert
Classic dbx Auto mode for nearly error-proof operation

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