Epiphone E519 Hollowbody Guitar Case - 940-E519

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Your Epiphone guitar deserves a genuine Epiphone hardshell case that's built to fit it perfectly. This is Epiphone's E519 hardshell case for semihollow Casino-style guitars.

 Gig bags are important to have, but they're not exactly disaster proof. Sure, toss your axe in one, put it in your back seat, and you've got a handy way to bring your instrument to your buddy's place and back. But what about when you're really gigging? Foot traffic, cramped stages, tiny loading areas, mean bouncers... they all put your axe in danger. That's why you need the protection of a hardshell case. Don't risk it. Snag this case from Epiphone and know you're covered.

Epiphone E519 Hardshell Guitar Case Features at a Glance:
  • Hardshell guitar case for "Casino-style" guitars
  • Plush grey interior
  • Dimensions: 43.5 long; 12.5 upper bout width; 16" lower bout width; 4.5" depth
  • Epiphone logo on the outside
Fits the following models:
  • DOT
  • Casino
  • Casino (left handed)
  • Riviera, Joma Kaukonen Ja Riviera (w/Bigsby)
  • Sheraton II, Sheraton II (left handed)
  • Noel Gallagher Supernova
  • Noel Gallager Unionjack Supernova
  • B.B. King Lucille

Tech Specs

  • Intended Guitar Type:Casino/DOT
  • Int Overall Length:44"
  • Int Body Length:23.5"
  • Int Body Depth:3"
  • Int Lower Bout Width:16.12"
  • Int Middle Bout Width:10.75"
  • Int Upper Bout Width:11.62"
  • External Materials:Tolex
  • Handles/Straps:Handle
  • Manufacturer Part Number:940-E519

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