Ernie Ball P06058 1/4" TS Straight to Right-Angle Braided Instrument Cable - 25'

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The 25', black Ernie Ball 1/4" Straight to 1/4" Right-Angle Braided Instrument Cable is a high-quality cable for guitar, bass, and keyboard instruments suitable for live stage, recording, rehearsal applications, and more. It features a durable, flexible construction with a tangle-resistant braided exterior and dual-shielding for low handling noise and protection against electromagnetic interference. The cable has a straight 1/4" connector on one end and a right-angle 1/4" on the other and is equipped with dual conductors to deliver a clear tone with crisp highs, tight mids, and rich harmonics.

Key Features
  • 25' straight to right-angle instrument cable (black)
  • Tangle-resistant braided exterior
  • Ultra-durable flexible construction
  • Dual conductors deliver reliably clear tone
  • Noise-free design with dual-shielding protection
  • Low handling noise

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