Fishman PRO-LBT-500 Loudbox Mini with Bluetooth 2-Channel 60-Watt 1x6.5" Acoustic Guitar Amp

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Unforgettable design and function

Fishman Loudbox Mini sports the usual elegant, vintage-inspired Fishman
design and is done in the classic subdued brown-and-tan motif that
makes Fishman amps instantly recognizable. The front-panel display makes
the controls easy to find, read, and adjust. A simple, no-frills
control set means you can play relaxed and confident. When it's time to
make adjustments, the far-left Instrument channel has a Phase switch and
Gain, Low, Mid, High, Reverb, and Chorus knobs that let you make those
simple yet important changes to your tone and styling. Another set of
Gain, Low, High, and Reverb knobs are on the Mic channel, giving you all
the necessary controls to dial in a great vocal mix. Finally, a Master
volume sets the amp’s overall level. Plug in, dial in, and play with the
kind of rich, real acoustic tone that makes for a memorable live

Bluetooth wireless connectivity

Fishman Loudbox Mini has always been a feature-packed powerhouse, and
thanks to the addition of Bluetooth, it’s more powerful than ever.
Whether you use it to add backing tracks to your performances, jams, and
practice sessions or to cue up break music between sets, you’ll find
that the Fishman Loudbox Mini’s Bluetooth connectivity is a feature with
endless uses.

Fishman Loudbox Mini with Bluetooth Amp Features:
  • Light 21-pound amp for easy portability
  • 60 watts of rich amplified tone to fill a small room — perfect for coffeehouses and small bars
  • 30 years of Fishman design and engineering give you industry-standard sound
  • 2 channels — 1 for your guitar and 1 for your microphone
  • All
    the controls you need — Phase, Gain, Low, Mid, High, Reverb, and Chorus
    for your guitar and Gain, Low, High, and Reverb for your microphone
  • Bluetooth connectivity adds backing tracks to your performances, jams, and practice sessions
  • Bring depth and dimension to your performance with reverb and chorus
  • Aux input for your smartphone and media players
  • XLR DI output for capturing your live performances
  • Includes FT-2 clip-on tuner and a slip cover
Tech Specs

  • Type:

    Acoustic Amp

  • Number of Channels:


  • Total Power:


  • Speakers:

    1 x 6.5" LF woofer, 1 x 1" HF tweeter

  • Inputs:

    1 x 1/4", 1 x XLR (mic), 1 x 1/8" (aux), 1 x 1/4" (aux)

  • Outputs:

    1 x XLR (mix DI out)

  • Bluetooth:


  • EQ:

    3-band EQ (instrument), 2-band EQ (mic)

  • Reverb:

    Digital Reverb

  • Effects:


  • Feedback Control:


  • Power Source:

    Standard IEC AC cable

  • Height:


  • Width:


  • Depth:


  • Weight:

    21 lbs.

  • Manufacturer Part Number:


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