Gallien-Krueger MB210-II 500W 2x10" Ultra Light Bass Combo

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Sound Exchange USA

A longtime favorite of the biggest session artists in the industry, Gallien-Krueger's MicroBass remains the standard for high-quality compact bass amplification in and out of the studio. Used alone or with the 112MBX extension cabinet, this little MB210 2x10" 500W Ultralight bass combo powerhouse delivers a surprisingly large and articulate sound.


Power: 500W
Single channel
Speakers: 2x10", with horn
Controls: 4-band active EQ, boost, gain, master, limiter switch, horrn switch, contour
XLR direct out
chain out
Aux. in
Headphone output
Dimensions: 14.5" x 19" x 23"
Weight: 35 lb.

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