Gemini WRX-900TOGO Powered Column-Style Line Array PA System with Rechargeable Battery

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an onboard rechargeable battery, this portable PA system lets you cut
the cord for up to six hours of playing time off the grid on a single
charge. The WRX-900TOGO boasts 2,400 watts of Class-D Digital Power,
delivering a well-defined and stunning performance every time.Compact and PortableMade
to rely on less gear, lightweight and only 24 lbs., means portability
is practically effortless. Sound spacers can be added or taken off with
one swift motion making set-up or break-down possible within seconds.
Big sound CAN come from a small package.Quality at Every LevelBuild
out impeccably tailored sound with 3 listening positions. This Array
height can be adjusted for any space an audience. You have the freedom
to customize how you want your sound to be heard.Wide DispersionWith
six off-axis drivers delivering over 120° of dispersion, this line
array projects further into the room and delivers brilliantly balanced
sound anywhere.Total Mixing ControlSet-up
is a snap because everything you need to mix your performance is
built-in. The integrated 4 channel mixer features independent volume
control, mix output, reverb, and even DSP-based EQ presets to give you
incredible sound with the press of a button.Grab and GoSet
up legendary sound within seconds and give musical artists all around
the world an incredible wireless experience with the WRX-900TOGO. When
your performance is on-the-go, the sky is the limit for accurate sound
and bass.

  • Onboard rechargeable battery lasts up to six hours
  • Portable column-style personal line array design
  • Features 8" subwoofer
  • Built-in Class-D amplifier delivers 2,400W peak output
  • Adjustable height

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1 year limited warranty.

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