Hipshot 6K2GL0C 3+3 Grip-Lock Open Chrome

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Product Description
Upgrade your tuners and improve the tuning accuracy and stability of your guitar with Hipshot’s Tuner Upgrade Kit. With the patented UMP™(Universal Mount Plate) included free in this kit, tuners will retrofit without drilling or screwing. Grip-Lock Open Guitar Tuners by Hipshot take the chore out of string changes and increase your tuning stability at the same time. Instead of your old, time consuming string changing ritual, simply pull the string through the hole and tighten the thumbwheel. A small pin inside the string post will grip your string and lock it in place for worry free tuning!
Comes with screws, bushings and washers.
Availabe in Chrome, Black & Gold
Set of 6 (3+3)
Standard tuners retrofit guitars with 25/64″ (10mm) headstock holes
21mm post length
Grip-Lock Open tuners
18:1 tuning ratio
Item Shown: Hipshot 6K2GL0 Open Grip-Lock Guitar Machine Heads Set of 3 + 3
Model #: 6K2GL0

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