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Unlike a lot of seemingly versatile stompboxes that turn out to be one-trick ponies, the JHS Prestige buffered boost pedal looks dead simple but actually adds three invaluable tools to your pedalboard. Set the knob to between 0-25%, and the Prestige acts as a straight-up buffer, making up for the high frequencies lost to long cable runs and unbuffered pedal circuitry. It's like adding a fresh pack of strings to your guitar. Sound Exchange guitarists use the 25-50% range for boosting overdrive effects or punching up solos. And when you push the Prestige past half way, you get this sweetening drive that's perfect for pushing low-watt tube preamps past the breakup point.

JHS Prestige Buffered Boost Guitar Pedal Features:
An amazing pedal that combines a high-headroom buffer and clean boost
A direct descendant of the long-discontinued Mr. Magic pedal
Pedalboard-friendly design with simple one-knob operation provides easy operation
0-25% acts as a transparent buffer, making up for the loss of high-frequencies from long cable runs
25-50% adds a noticeable tone/gain boost, perfect for solos or preloading overdrive effects
50-100% kicks in clean drive, easily pushing tube preamplifiers beyond the breakup point
Rediscover your guitar rig with a JHS Prestige buffered boost guitar pedal!

Tech Specs
Pedal Type: Buffer, Booster
Analog/Digital: Analog
Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (instrument)
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
Bypass Switching: Buffered
Power Source: 9V DC power supply (sold separately)
Power Usage: 100mA
Height: 1"
Depth: 3.6"
Width: 1.5"
Manufacturer Part Number: PG

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