Meinl AETLLI Artisan Edition Cajon Tango Line Limba

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Sound Exchange USA

The Tango Line of artisan cajons have two groupings of three pre-tuned metal micro-coiled cajon strings that span across the inside of the playing surface for a crisp snare effect. These strings are hand-wound in the style of master cajon builder, José "Pepote" Hernández Diaz. Rounded corners and thumb notches on the top of the frontplate and resonating body optimize playing comfort and sound. The 7-Ply, 9mm thick Baltic Birch body develops the sound into a full, punchy tone that projects with clarity and warmth. Available with Limba or Light Eucalyptus finish frontplates. Made in Spain.


Size: 11 1/4" W x 19" H x 11 3/4" D
Frontplate: Limba
Resonating body: 7-Ply (9mm) Baltic Birch (Betula Pendula)
Two sets of 3 pre-tuned strings
Rounded corners and thumb notches for optimal playing comfort and sound
Specially formulated soft rubber feet
Ergonomically rounded frontplate with convex contact
Elegant heat-branding on resonating body
Finish: Satin

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