Meinl MCAJ200BK Stealth Cajon Black

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The Meinl Percussion stealth Cajon is constructed of dense hardwood for full, resonant bass notes and crisp slap tones. An internal snare system is fixed against the inside of the playing surface to add a snare effect, mimicking the sound of a snare drum. A unique black finish gives this Cajon an entirely different stealthy look. The front plate responds well to finger rolls as well as corner slaps and bass hits, giving you optimal dynamic control. When played towards the center, the hardwood resonating body accompanies the playing surface by broadening your bass notes to achieve a deep and punchy sound, reacting much like a kick drum. Non-slip rubber feet allow the body to resonate to its fullest while providing stability. This instrument is ideal for acoustic gigs when a full drum kit cannot be used.

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