Meinl Percussion Turbo Slap-Top Cajon

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Your All-in-one Acoustic Percussion Rig!

Unlike the traditional kind of cajon you sit on, the Turbo Slap-Top Cajon sits in your lap, putting the playing surface comfortably in arm's reach. Four zones include a low tone in the middle, a high clean tone at the center edge, and a snare effect on either side of the walnut playing surface. The result is that you'll be able to pull a nearly inexhaustible range of sounds out of the Turbo Slap-Top Cajon, and thanks to the front-facing sound ports, even light finger rolls will project clearly in an acoustic performance. Can't take your kit to the gig? No problem. Grab a Meinl Turbo Slap-Top Cajon, and you're all set.




Meinl Turbo Slap-Top Cajon Features:
  • A unique percussion instrument that's perfect for virtually any acoustic gig
  • Broad walnut playing surface offers you three distinct sounds and tons of expression
  • The center section offers you rich bass and clean high percussion tones
  • Either side of the playing surface offers the snap and sizzle of snare sounds
  • Carbon-fiber body with 3 front ports provides ample projection for every note you play
  • Bottom-side cushioning adds comfort for extended playing sessions
Take a full range of percussion sounds to your next acoustic gig with the Meinl Turbo Slap-Top Cajon!

Tech Specs

  • Type:Slap-Top Cajon
  • Material:Fiberboard with Walnut playing surface
  • Manufacturer Part Number:TOPCAJ2WN

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