Mesa Boogie P810D 8x10 1200w Cabinet

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The Mesa Boogie PowerHouse Bass Speaker Cabinet has plenty of power, and clear tone, right out of the box. Hand crafted by Mesa's master engineers, this speaker cab features many distinguished amenities that solidify its place in the line of premiere bass cabs.

The Mesa PowerHouse's bracing is borrowed from the aircraft industry. All structural reinforcement is "sculpted-out" to form an extremely strong skeleton wlth reduced weight without loss of rigidity or structural integrity.

The Tri-Ported Design is an innovative front facing, multi-vent porting system that uses individually tuned triangular ports to enhance each part of the bass spectrum. This goes way beyond the old standard design of bass speakers that has all your tone blowing out of one large port hole.

The Player Control Network is a proprietary "back-panel" interface that provides unprecedented stylistic versatility and gig friendly convenience. The Player Control Network includes a 3-position switch for crossover frequency, an adjustable L-Pad for blending the right amount of high frequency driver, resettable horn protection plus standard 1/4" and high-current Speak-On locking connectors.

The Style Control crossover and attenuator is an artistic crossover "Range" switch that provides three distinct tonal variations: time-proven, detail-enhancing, sweet 5K (Normal) setting; plus the harmonic-friendly, accent-expanding snap of 4K (Sheen) and the groove-enforcing, articulate cut of 3K (Bright). This combined with the premium L-Pad horn attenuator provides players with unrivaled stylistic versatility and performance.

The Instant Reset Horn Protection is a simple "one touch" reset switch, providing the ultimate in convenient horn protection. No fuses, tools, or digging inside the cabinet; Just push and play.

Convenient inputs and paralleled outputs are provided for both standard 1/4" and Speakon high current, locking connectors.

Thanks to the heavy-duty construction of the Mesa Boogie PowerHouse, where the cab's exterior is a hard-shell road case, these bass speakers represent premiere sound and construction that will last, no matter what the road throws at you.

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