MXR ZW-38 Black Label Chorus

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The MXR Black Label Chorus gives you Zakk Wylde's favorite effect for adding depth and weight to his searing tone. While most chorus effects can muddy up a distorted guitar signal, the Black Label Chorus features variable hi- and low-cut filters to zero in on the perfect tone. You can filter out the low frequencies to prevent muddiness and improve clarity for heavily distorted tones, or you can filter out high frequencies that can sound harsh or overly bright when playing with a cleaner tone for a deep, rich effect. The Black Label Chorus is built in typical MXR fashion, strong enough to take a beating and keep performing. Dual outputs allow you to split your effected signal to a separate amp for huge stereo effects or creative effects looping. No matter what style of music you play, the MXR Black Label Chorus is a flexible effect with a classic analog vibe.

MXR Black Label Chorus Features at a Glance:
Dual outputs allow for wide, sweeping stereo effects
Built to handle abuse, even from Zakk Wylde
Bucket brigate circuitry means true analog sound - the effect is created by a chain of capacitors, not a computer chip
Extremely versatile thanks to the hi- and low-cut filters - can be tailored to any musical style or tone
One of few chorus effects that works well with even heavily distorted signals

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