Pearl 5x14 Chad Smith Signature Snare

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Sound Exchange USA

Few drummers today are both as outrageous and as dedicated to the art of drumming as Chad Smith. His signature sound is consistently one of the best, overall rock drum sounds today. Chad's Signature Series Snare Drum reflects his outrageous sound, his dedication to perfection, and offers an awesome rock snare sound.

This drum is one of the most sensitive snare drums we offer. Its sound is very bright and articulate with great body; a very smooth frequency response and a wide tuning range. The Pearl Chad Smith Signature Snare Drum looks as good as it sounds.


An exclusive 14 x 5 in. black nickel plated steel shell
Pearl's CL55 "Bridge Style" minimum contact lugs
2.3mm SuperHoop II's
Pearl's "Gladstone Style" Vertical Pull Throw-Off
Precision-fit Stainless Steel tension rods and solid brass receives for super precise tuning.

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