Pearl DR513 ICON Straight 3-Sided Drum Rack

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Set-and-forget convenience

The Pearl Icon DR513 is a smart, sleek, and solid option for any player who needs their drums set up consistently, quickly, night after night. Crucial to this system is Pearl’s non-slip square support tubing, which keeps tom and cymbal mounts exactly where you place them, even between setups. Paired with Pearl’s myriad set-and-forget Icon clamps, this system is virtually bulletproof once configured to taste. The DR513 remains rock solid onstage and boasts the rugged dependability to survive a headlining tour, all with a sleek, modern look that any stage can benefit from.

Straight rails collapse flat

If you’re looking for an Icon rack with a minimal footprint, the DR513, with its straight supports, is the way to go. The DR513 packs flat between shows for greater storage and transit convenience.

Tons of kick clearance

The DR513’s adjustable support rails provide appropriate clearance for even the most massive of kick drums. Not only can you adjust the rails themselves, but tom arms and cymbal booms can be adjusted independently within each clamp and mount. This gives every player the purchase and ergonomics they're after, with none of the bulk of yesterday’s drum racks.

Pearl Icon DR513 Drum Rack Features:
  • 3-sided drum rack system with straight support rails
  • Adjustable supports offer tons of kick clearance
  • Locking clamps streamline nightly setup
  • Slip-proof, lightweight aluminum support rails
  • Rock-solid steel legs and clamps
  • Non-skid rubber feet give your kit a firm foundation
  • System includes (4) PCX-100 pipe clamps and (2) PCL-100 pivot mounts
Tech Specs
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DR513

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