Pearl H2050 Eliminator Redline Double Braced 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand

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Pearl H2050 Hi-hat Pedal at a Glance:
  • Interchangeable cams let you customize your stroke
  • Fine-tune your action to fit your playing style
  • Flexible positioning accommodates any drum setup
Interchangeable cams let you customize your stroke

Pearl's PosiLink twin double-chain-driven cam system offers the kind of smooth and consistent action you'd expect from a high-end sports car, but its the sheer customization that makes Sweetwater drummers particularly thrilled about the H2050 hi-hat pedal. This pedal comes with a set of four interchangeable cams, allowing you to perfectly define the acceleration of your stroke. Want long and smooth action? No problem. Tight and snappy? Piece of cake. The H2050 delivers your hats just the way you like them.

Fine-tune your action to fit your playing style

Switchable cams are just part of the flexibility the H2050 hi-hat pedal has to offer - there are two other tweakable features we have to point out. First, there's Pearl's precision spring tension dial. Complete with click stops for totally recallable settings, this dial lets you dictate your ideal hi-hat tension. The H2050 also includes Pearl's PowerShifter footboard adjustment. With the PowerShifter, you can quickly switch between three playing positions, allowing you to adjust the angle of the pull chain to redefine the overall feel of the action.

Flexible positioning accommodates any drum setup

If you're like some of the drum nuts here at Sweetwater, then you might be running low on room for stands in your kit. Lucky for you, Pearl made the H2050 hi-hat stand incredibly flexible. For starters, its swiveling legs make multi-pedal setups and tight spaces much easier to arrange. The traction-plate footboard (common to all Eliminator-line pedals) also lets you adjust the grip of the pedal itself, so you can get the purchase you need at any angle. One final feature that's just plain convenient is the push-button-activated spikes in the H2050's extra-large rubber feet. This makes it extremely easy to adjust your hi-hat stand for any playing surface.

Pearl H2050 Hi-hat Pedal Features:
  • A high-performance hi-hat stand for discerning drummers
  • PosiLink drive system features twin double-chain-driven cams
  • Main cam can be switched with 6 available cams (4 included) to customize response
  • Precision spring tension dial with positive click stop lets you dial in hi-hat resistance
  • PowerShifter allows you to adjust the footboard between 3 playing positions
  • Swiveling legs allow perfect placement in tight setups and multi-pedal arrangements
  • Removable traction grip inserts let you tailor the grip and slip
  • Push-button activated spikes in extra-large rubber feet quickly accommodate any surface
  • Footboard attachment system and docking station provide extra stability during transport
  • SuperGrip Clutch uses a large surface area to provide vice-like clamping force
  • Patented seat cup features a hinged platform for outstanding stability
Get the hi-hat action you need with Pearl's H2050 Eliminator series hi-hat pedal! Tech Specs
  • Type: Hi-hat stand
  • Number of Legs: 2
  • Manufacturer Part Number: H2050

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