Pearl P-530 Drum Pedal Silver

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Sound Exchange USA

With its premium dual-chain response and smooth Linear Action cam, the Pearl P530 bass drum pedal promises pro performance at a weekender's price. Pearl's Eliminator-style hinged metal footboard with toe stop and traction-enhancing raised surface keeps your foot planted in the sweet spot, whether you play heel up or down. The P530's business end sports Pearl's two-way DuoBeater with felt and hard plastic striking surfaces, yielding two distinct attacks to suit most styles of music. An unexpected feature at this price point is the side hoop clamp, which yields quick, easy attachment and removal. For a high-performance single pedal that won't break your budget, consider the Pearl P530 bass drum pedal from Sound Exchange.
Eliminator-style footboard
This P530 looks to the Pearl Eliminator for its footboard design. Drummers of all styles — heel up, heel down, and side-to-side — can expect smooth, dependable performance out of this pedal.

Felt and plastic striking surfaces
Whether you prefer your kick tone quick or full, the P530's included DuoBeater has you covered. Choose the felt side for traditional sounds or the hard plastic for a faster, more deliberate attack.

Pearl P530 Bass Drum Pedal Features:

Premium dual-chain response
Smooth Linear Action cam
2-way felt/plastic DuoBeater provides classic or contemporary kick tones
Uni-Lock Beater Angle Cam customizes striking angle
Eliminator-style footboard keeps your foot in the sweet spot
Side hoop clamp yields fast, easy attachment and removal

Tech Specs
Single/Double: Single
Drive System: Double Chain
Manufacturer Part Number: P530

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