Pearl WL230A WingLoc Quick-Release Wing Nut with Plastic Cup

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Sound Exchange USA

Quick-release, Non-loosening Cymbal Topper

As drummers, we spend roughly 12% of our lives twisting, searching for, and replacing wing nuts. Reclaim these precious hours and minutes with Pearl WL230 WingLocs. These quick-release cymbal toppers replace traditional wing nuts and can shave minutes off your setup and teardown routine each night. Installation is as simple as push to lock; removal is just as fast. Even better, these cymbal toppers lock securely in place, so there’s no risk of them coming unscrewed throughout the night. A reversible felt and foam washer are included. Streamline your drum setup with Pearl WL230 WingLocs from Sweetwater. Sold individually. Fits standard 8mm stand threads.

Pearl WL230 WingLoc Cymbal Topper Features:
  • Faster, simpler, and more secure than traditional wing nuts
  • Push down and lock in place
  • Shaves minutes off your setup
  • Doesn’t come unscrewed
  • Includes reversible felt and foam washer
  • Fits standard 8mm stand threads
Tech Specs
  • Manufacturer Part Number: WL230

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