Remo 8" Coated Ambassador

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Remo 8" Coated Ambassador Batter Drumhead Features:
  • 8" batter head that provides bright tone and incredible sustain
  • Considered to be the industry standard batter drumhead by drummers of many styles
  • Made with a single ply of treated 10-mil Mylar
  • Provides a bright, open, and resonant sound with excellent attack
  • Among Remo's brightest batter heads with an exceptional balance of warmth and sustain
Refresh your kit, with Remo Coated Ambassador batter drumheads! Tech Specs
  • Batter/Resonant: Batter
  • Size: 8"
  • Clear/Coated: Coated
  • Thickness: 10mil (1-ply)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BA-0108-00-

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