Remo Designer Series Apex Djembe Drum - 12" - Green Kinte

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The Designer Series Apex Djembe's molded-ABS plastic construction and Skyndeep synthetic drumhead are made to withstand the heat and humidity that affects tone and can ruin your instruments. You'll get consistent sound and performance indoors and out. And Remo rounds out the Designer Series Apex Djembe with design elements such as inverted tuning brackets, green Kinte Kloth graphic finish, and a non-slip, molded rubber base to add modern durability to this classic hand drum.

  • Colorful printed green Kinte Kloth graphic finish for classic looks
  • Contoured, inverted tuning brackets make tuning easy and stay out of your way
  • Dense molded rubber base prevents damage and slipping while you play
  • Skyndeep drumhead features removable sound control foam dot to control overtones
  • 12" x 22" size

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