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When it comes to compact bass amplifiers, the Roland CUBE-30 Bass is in a class all its own. This powerful and lightweight amp combines a 30-watt/10-inch speaker with DSP modeling to crank out a range of popular bass amp sounds. There's also onboard compression, 3-band EQ and digital effects-making the CUBE-30 Bass an incredible value.

Roland CUBE-30 Bass Amplifier at a Glance:
Tight, punchy sound on a compact package
Built-in COSM bass amp modeling
Onboard DSP effects
Great for home practice or studio recording
Tight, punchy sound on a compact package
The Roland CUBE-30 Bass gives bass players loud and punchy bass tones despite its compact size. Using a 30-watt amp and 10-inch coaxial speaker system-with powerful low end and an individual tweeter for clearer highs-this compact amp will knock your socks off! The CUBE-30 Bass features onboard compression and 3-band EQ to let you shape the tone any way you want.

Built-in COSM bass amp modeling
Thanks to Roland's COSM technology, the CUBE-30 Bass can convincingly model six of your favorite bass amps-like "Bass360," "Concert 810," "Flip Top," "B Man" and more. There's even an "Octave Bass" setting which adds a tone one octave below the original note for truly earth-shaking sound.

Onboard DSP effects
With the CUBE-30 Bass's onboard DSP effects, you can plug in your bass without complicated setups. The CUBE-30 Bass includes everything you need: pro-quality reverb and delay, plus essentials like chorus and flanger. There's even a T-Wah effect for adding a sweeping filtered sound to your tone-great for funk bass.

Great for home practice or studio recording
Whether practicing at home or tracking in the studio, the CUBE-30 Bass can get the job done. With a 1/4-inch Recording/Headphones output, you can connect directly to a mixing console or to a pair of headphones. A dedicated Shape switch makes it easy to instantly change your tone. Whether for practice or performance, nothing beats the CUBE-30 Bass!

Roland CUBE-30 Bass Amplifier Features:
Compact bass amplifier with 30-watt/10" coaxial speaker design
6 types of COSM bass amp models including octave bass sound
Convenient Shape switch for easy tonal variation
5 high-quality DSP effects: reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and T-Wah
Onboard 3-band EQ and compression with simple knob-based controls
Auxiliary and Footswitch inputs; Recording/Headphones output

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