Seymour Duncan SH-10n Full Shred Humbucker Neck Pickup White

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  • SH-10n Full Shred Humbucker Neck Pickup

  • Double Rows of Allen-screw Pole Pieces

  • Alnico V Bar Magnet

  • Four-Conductor Hookup Cable

  • White with Black Pole Pieces

  • Made in USA

The Seymour Duncan SH-10 Full Shred pickup has a high output tone for
heavy rhythms and speed riffs. Used for classic rock, heavy rock, hip
hop, fusion and aggressive solo playing.

Double rows of Allen screw pole pieces help fine tune the high end,
leaving a tone that's fat and chunky, yet perfectly defined for speed
riffs. Gives tonal control in high-gain situation. Less aggressive than
an SH-6 Distortion. More articulate than an SH-5 Custom. Comes with
four-conductor hookup cable.

The SH-10 is available in both neck (SH-10n) and bridge (SH-10b)
models -- most commonly used in the bridge position. The Full Shred neck
pickup has reduced output and more treble for tonal versatility. For
balanced and warm instruments. Works especially well with rosewood

Players include Riggs/Rob Zombie (bridge), Phil Campbell/Motorhead (bridge), Chris Rest/Lagwagon (bridge).

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