Seymour Duncan STK-S4 Stack Strat Plus Guitar Pickup Set Black

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Sound Exchange USA


Calibrated set of 3 individually tuned, noiseless single coil that gives you a classic Strat tone without the classic hum.


This is a full set of our Classic Stack Plus for Strat pickups, complete with RWRP middle pickup, and slightly hotter bridge pickup. The Classic Stack Plus look and sound like a true Stratocaster single coil, but do not have any of the traditional single coil hum. Theyve got the sparkle and chime you would expect from a vintage Strat. We use a special bottom coil that actually injects negative hum into the pickup circuit, and, at the end of the production process, we fine tune each pickup for maximum noise cancelation. The bridge model is wound with a little hotter for easier balance, and the middle pickup is made RWRP to help give you that perfect in-between sound in positions 2 & 4.Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the Classic Stack Plus uses hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets, and comes with a splittable 3-conductor lead wire to give you access to true single coil operation. Each is wax potted for squeal free performance

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