Shure DMK57-52

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Shure DMK57-52 at a Glance
  • High-quality, Dependable Mics
  • Complete with Mounts and Carrying Case

High-quality, Dependable Mics
When you choose Shure microphones, you're choosing some of the most
reliable mics in existence - used in countless studios and venues the
world over because of their sheer dependability and incredible sound.
This particular collection includes threeSM57s - heralded as the "Swiss
Army Knife" of modern music. The SM57 is a premium drum mic that's ideal
for snares, excellent on toms, and also just plain worth having around
for its versatility on guitar/bass amps, and vocals. Then, of course,
there's the Beta 52A. Thanks to its specially tailored frequency
response, you get serious "BOOM" from this mic, and its pickup pattern
limits interference from other on-stage sound sources and feedback.

Complete with Mounts and Carrying Case
The Shure DMK-57-52 Drum Mic Kit is ready to go wherever your music
takes you - there are three drum-mounting systems for the SM57s (the
Beta 52A has a built-in mount), so you can easily position the mics on
your drum rims, mic stands, and even cymbal stands. Plus, everything
comes in a lightweight and durable carrying case that's ready for the

Shure DMK57-52 Features:
  • Three SM57s
  • One Beta 52A with built-in Drum Mount
  • Three Drum-mount Systems for SM57s
  • Lightweight, durable carrying case
The Shure DMK57-52 delivers Shure reliability, and top-notch sound at a great value! Tech Specs

  • Number of Microphones:


  • Included Models:

    1 x Beta 52A, 3 x SM57

  • Microphone Type:


  • Polar Pattern:

    Cardioid (SM57), Supercardioid (Beta 52A)

  • Max SPL:

    174dB SPL (Beta 52A)

  • Manufacturer Part Number:


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