SJC Pathfinder 6.5"x14" Snare Drum Miami Teal Satin

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Matching Maple/Mahogany Snare for Your Pathfinder Kit

With its pro-grade shell recipe and real-deal SJC finish options, the Pathfinder snare drum delivers SJC style and substance at a highly competitive price point. The 7-ply blended maple/mahogany shell balances warmth and bite to complement all forms of modern music — pop to metal. A vogue satin stain and flat black hardware give this snare a look that Sweetwater knows today's drummers will take pride in. You also get SJC's coveted hardware in the Pathfinder, including its whisper-quiet Shield Lugs and tonally transparent triple-flanged hoops.
Blended maple and mahogany shell

The SJC Pathfinder snare is built from select plies of maple and mahogany. Together, these tonewoods form a shell that is quick to speak and quick to get out of the way, with a focused bite and lingering warmth which can be tailored to suit virtually any style of modern music. In concert with SJC's nearly two decades of custom drum fabrication expertise, the Pathfinder snare drum from Sweetwater delivers the powerful projection and even tone today's drummers demand.

You're off to a great start with the SJC Pathfinder series

If you're into the look and sound of today's hottest rock and punk acts, then you're into SJC. The Pathfinder snare drum lends modern-rock credibility to drummers of all levels, at all stages in their careers. Whether you're backing a band or just cutting your teeth, the Pathfinder snare drum promises SJC's distinct style and tone at an exciting price.
SJC Pathfinder Maple/Mahogany 14" Snare Drum Features:

Matching snare from the Pathfinder series
Tailor-made for modern rock, pop, and punk
7-ply maple/mahogany shell balances warmth and attack
Tonally transparent triple-flanged hoops
Shield Lugs are dependable and whisper quiet
Handcrafted in Taiwan
Tuned up with SJC-branded Evans heads
Tech Specs

Shell (Depth x Diameter):
6.5" x 14"
Shell Construction:
Shell Material:
SJC by Evans
Manufacturer Part Number:

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