Sonor Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance Signature Bass Drum Pedal

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Experience a connection with your bass drum like nothing you've enjoyed before with Sonor's Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance kick pedal. This pedal features a number of innovations, including a strap-controlled round cam and beater hub mechanism, to provide you with smooth linear action. If you gig out a lot, you'll love the way this pedal folds down flat for easy transportation that won't wear on your gear. At the same time, a self-mounting clamp lets you attach the Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance pedal instantly to virtually any kick drum hoop.

Low-mass linear drive design
Nothing beats the intimate connection you get from a linear-drive kick pedal like the Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance model from Sonor. One of the coolest parts of this pedal's mechanics is the integrated drive cam and beater hub, which brings down the mass. This results in an almost perfectly linear stroke, which is killer for translating your playing dynamics. Coupled with the lightweight and virtually indestructible ballistic-fiber strap, the Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance kick pedal is everything a technical drummer could ask for.

Longboard design for extra leverage
One of the few complaints drummers have about linear kick pedals is that they can be tough to generate enough power for heavy passages. Without enough space to play, it can be difficult to use full range playing techniques. That's why Jojo Mayer chose an elongated board design. Whether you prefer smooth action from your toes, the heavy punch of heel strokes, or some combination of the two, you'll appreciate the Perfect Balance kick pedal's elongated board.

Easy to transport, even easier to set up
Gig out a lot? If you do, then you know transporting gear can be extremely hard on your drums and hardware, especially those that rely on complex mechanics. That's why Sonor designed a special folding mechanism for the Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance kick pedal. With the push of a button, this folding system allows the pedal to lie flat. It takes tension off the strap, and when you also disconnect the spring, folding down your Perfect Balance pedal is a great way to keep it playing like new. What's more, mounting it is as easy as unfolding it and snapping it to your kick drum. The self-mounting mechanism automatically clamps down on any style of hoop to make setup fast and convenient.

Sonor Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance Kick Drum Pedal Features:
Linear-action kick drum pedal that's ideal for technical drummers who demand expressive dynamics
Low-mass combination round drive cam and beater hub deliver carefully calibrated strokes
Lightweight ballistic-fiber strap decreases drive inertia for a fast and smooth response
Use toe, heel, or hybrid playing technique on the elongated and smooth footboard
Unique folding mechanism lays down flat with the push of a button for easy transportation
Self-mounting clamp makes setup fast and easy

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