Traynor TC410 800-Watt 4x10" Bass Speaker Cabinet

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The most popular bass cabinet in the line, the TC410 delivers the best of all worlds for virtually any bass sound. Solid bottom end from four long excursion 10-inch drivers, and crisp high end from the 1-inch horn the TC410 covers most applications effectively. On those occasions when larger rigs are required, the TC410 can easily become part of a much larger setup when combined with the TC115 for the quintessential 4x10 / 1x15 combination, or another TC410 for a more mobile 8x10 rig.

Solid plywood cabinet construction, all-metal grille, removable heavy-duty casters, all-metal flip handles ensure unmatched reliability over the long haul. An L-pad on the 1-inch horn ensures you can tailor your sound with as much or as little high-end horn as required for your gig, including a full-off position for a traditional 4x10 tone.

Traynor TC410 Bass Speaker Cabinet Features:
Solid plywood Cabinet Construction
Heavy Duty Nubtex Covering
All Metal Grilles
All-Metal Flip Handles
Removable Casters
1-inch Horn w/ Pad

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