Truetone CS6 1 Spot Pro Power Supply

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Sound Exchange USA

All the connectors and cables included

the box you'll find 18" and 12" cables for connecting your pedals to
the 1 Spot Pro CS6. You'll also get multiple adapters for special-needs
pedals with reversed polarity or different jack types. And for your
battery-powered pedals that don't have a power connection, a 9-volt
battery adapter cable is included.

Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS6 Pedal Power Supply Features:
  • Power brick for effects pedals
  • Compact, slim construction
  • 6 outlets total: 2 x 9-volt DC, 2 x switchable 9-volt DC/12-volt DC, and 2 x switchable 9-volt DC/18-volt DC
  • Cables and converter plugs included for compatibility with virtually any effects pedals
  • Outputs are fully isolated to minimize noise
  • Switchable input voltage for worldwide use

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