Vic Firth American Classic Drumsticks - Extreme 5B - Wood Tip

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Sound Exchange USA


This pair of X5BW wood tip drumsticks features a longer shaft for added power.

Vic Firth X5BW Wood Tip Drumstick Pair Features:
  • Drumsticks for power and control
  • Longer for more power
  • wood tip
  • Great for rock playing
  • Length: 16.5"
  • Diameter: .595"
Vic Firth X5BW wood tip drumsticks give you great sound and dependable performance at a tremendous value. Tech Specs
  • Type:Sticks
  • Material:Hickory
  • Size:5B
  • Tip Material:Wood
  • Length:16.5"
  • Diameter:.595"
  • Manufacturer Part Number:X5B

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