Vox AGA70 70 Watt Acoustic Amp

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Sound Exchange USA

Make your acoustic sound the way it should when you're plugged in — just like an acoustic guitar, but louder! Vox's AGA70 acoustic amp gives you big, rich sound and two independent channels (complete with their own controls). Plug your guitar into one input and your microphone into the XLR input, and use the AGA70 as a very compact and effective mini PA - perfect for singer-songwriters! Choose the Tube Pre channel and give your guitar sound the warm flavor of a real tube preamp. You also get a handy input for music players and a direct line-out for bigger performances.

Vox AGA70 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier Features at a Glance
70 watts
1 x 6.5" speaker
Instrument input
XLR input
Two independent channels
Controls for each channel
Tube Pre channel uses actual tube in preamp
Music player input
Direct line-out

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