We customize InEarz for you!

Set up an appointment and get your fitting today!

If you or someone you know is interested in getting a custom set of InEarz, contact us today and get your custom moldings done with us! Once we do your custom moldings, they are sent to InEarz to be inspected and created! Custom molds can take up to 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of your design. 


Custom does not mean the same thing to all monitor manufactures.

What InEarz ADEL does:

  • Custom Fit
  • Custom Designed
  • Custom Tailored Response
  • Custom Tuned
  • Custom Scanned 3D Impressions
  • Digital Shell Process

Why InEarz?

Only InEarz crafts and tunes each ear-piece just for you. Over 100 steps are meticulously taken to ensure a perfect listening and wearing experience to your liking. InEarz store your personal 3D ear scan on file in case you ever need a replacement or a spare set or if you want to try one of their other product lines. 

Vission and Mission

When you finally decide that you no longer wish to settle for average, look to getting your custom InEarz with Sound Exchange Music! Utilizing InEarz proprietary frequency shaping techniques combined with superb artistry will leave you wondering why you waited so long. 


3D scanning technology ensures that your InEarz accurately match your impressions. Take no substitutes. Over 50 years of manufacturing technology has given InEarz the secrets to truly comfortable fittings. 


Every InEarz is precisely tuned. Every tube length is perfectly adjusted to maximize the response of your InEarz. They also measure every response curve using Fourier spectral analyzers. But even better, we actually listen to each of your InEarz through custom designed testers.