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Primal, nuanced, thunderous, or ethereal, no class of instruments commands attention or gets listeners up on their feet like drums. These idiophones and membranophones form the backbone of just about all forms of modern music. You'll find the best gear, service, and pricing on your drum and percussion needs through Sound Exchange.

With enticing dealer exclusives and the latest drum/percussion gear from Pearl, Roland, Zildjian, Latin Percussion (LP), Gibraltar, and more, Sound Exchange is the first place to look for that missing piece of gear in your life. 

The acoustic drum set is responsible for some of the most memorable and influential music this side of the twentieth century. Piloted by greats like Ringo Starr, Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Mick Fleetwood, and Dave Grohl, the acoustic drum kit has left its indelible mark on modern music. Traditionally, these instruments alone possessed the sheer output required to keep up with ever-growing guitar stacks and bass amps. But today, thanks to advancements in amplification and virtual instrument modeling, the electronic drum kit has proven an attractive alternative to the traditional drum kit in terms of convenience, cost, and portability. Hybrid and conversion drum kits further narrow the gap between these two paradigms. Whatever your preference, acoustic or electric, you'll find the hottest kits and add-ons available — snares, bass drums, tom packs, and more — at the best prices, through Sound Exchange. If you're new to drums, you'll want to check out our acoustic and electronic drum sets.

Drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments are only as reliable as the hardware that holds them. That's why Sound Exchange stocks, ready to order, stands, clamps, mounts, racks, pedals, and thrones from the most trusted names in drum hardware.