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Is there any other style of music with more personality than folk? Not likely! Since it's completely the product of culture, there are no two places where folk music is the same. That can also be said of the instruments used to play it, and this section is where you'll find the dozens of different folk instruments that form the heart and soul of concert halls and music festivals from coast to coast.

Stringed instruments just may have the biggest share of the folk scene, so it's no surprise that there are all kinds of those for your consideration as well. Looking for a little Hawaiian charm? If so, then the ukulele is for you! The Ukulele is a small four-string instrument commonly associated with the Hawaiian Islands. The word ukulele actually translates to "leaping flea" in Hawaiian. Many ukuleles are built from the wood of the koa tree, which is found only in Hawaii and has a beautiful three-dimensional grain pattern. Ukes come in four sizes (from smallest to largest): soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.