AKG D112 MKII Cardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone - 2220X00040

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The AKG D112 MKII (model 2220X00040) is a high-performance dynamic microphone designed specifically for bass drums and other low-frequency instruments. It features:


* A cardioid polar pattern, providing excellent off-axis rejection.

* A frequency response of 20-17,000 Hz, capturing the full range of bass frequencies.

* A bass resonance volume chamber, enhancing the instrument's punch and depth.

* An integrated flexible mount, allowing for easy positioning.

* A large diaphragm for accurate low-frequency reproduction.

* An integrated hum-compensation coil, reducing electromagnetic interference.


The D112 MKII is an excellent choice for both live and studio applications, providing a powerful, focused sound that cuts through the mix. Its rugged construction and advanced features make it a reliable tool for professional musicians and sound engineers.

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