ART DUAL RP Phantom Powered Dual Remote Mic Preamp

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The ART Dual RP is a phantom-powered, in-line microphone preamplifier designed to improve the performance of dynamic and ribbon microphones. Key features and specifications include:

* Dual channel: Two independent preamplifiers for connecting and boosting two microphones simultaneously.
* Phantom power: Powered by +48V phantom power from a mixer or audio interface.
* Gain: Provides up to +20dB of clean gain to enhance the signal level of dynamic and ribbon microphones.
* Variable impedance: Adjustable impedance settings for each channel, allowing you to optimize the load for different microphones.
* Noise reduction: Helps to reduce the noise and interference associated with long cable runs.
* Inputs/outputs: XLR input and output for each channel, with an additional -20dB pad on the output for preventing overloading.
* Compact design: The small form factor and inline design make the Dual RP easy to integrate into your existing audio setup.

The ART Dual RP is an effective tool for enhancing the signal quality of ribbon and dynamic microphones, offering a simple and affordable way to increase gain and improve noise performance.

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