ART Pro-VLA II 2-channel Opto Tube Leveling Amplifier - PROVLAII

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The ART PRO VLA II is a high-quality, 2-channel compressor and leveling amplifier designed for professional audio applications. Some of its key features include:

* Vactrol opto-compression design: Provides smooth, musical compression.

* Tube gain stage: Adds warmth and character to the signal.

* Enhanced link mode: Allows for easy stereo operation with master output level and balance controls.

* Variable threshold, ratio, attack, and release controls: Enable precise adjustment of the compression characteristics.

* LED metering: Displays gain reduction and output levels for each channel.

* Balanced XLR and 1/4-inch TRS inputs and outputs: Ensure compatibility with a variety of audio gear.

The ART PRO VLA II is a versatile compressor that excels in a variety of applications, including tracking, mixing, mastering, and live sound reinforcement. With its tube gain stage and Vactrol opto-compression design, it offers a warm and musical compression character that can enhance the sound of various instruments and vocals.

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