ART RP-1 Phantom Powered Remote Mic

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The ART RP-1 is a phantom-powered, in-line microphone preamplifier designed to improve the performance of dynamic and ribbon microphones. Key features and specifications include:


* Phantom power: Powered by +48V phantom power from a mixer or audio interface.

* Gain: Provides up to +20dB of clean gain to enhance the signal level of dynamic and ribbon microphones.

* Variable impedance: Adjustable impedance settings, allowing you to optimize the load for different microphones.

* Noise reduction: Helps to reduce the noise and interference associated with long cable runs.

* Input/output: XLR input and output for easy integration into your existing audio setup.

* Compact design: The small form factor and inline design make the RP-1 easy to use and position.


The ART RP-1 is a useful tool for enhancing the signal quality of ribbon and dynamic microphones, offering a straightforward and affordable solution for increasing gain and reducing noise in your audio recordings.

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