Boss ST-2 Power Stack Overdrive Pedal

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The Boss ST-2 Power Stack Overdrive Pedal! This one's all about delivering classic stack amp sounds in a compact stompbox. Here's a rundown of its key features:

* Authentic stack amp tones: Delivers authentic, tube-like distortion reminiscent of famous stack amplifiers.
* Three distinct modes: Choose between Crunch, Drive, and Ultra modes for a variety of distortion styles, from vintage crunch to modern high-gain sounds.
* Simple controls: Level, Bass, Treble, and Sound knobs allow you to quickly dial in your ideal tone.
* Built to last: The ST-2 comes in Boss' rugged aluminum casing, ensuring years of reliable performance.


 If you're after classic stack amp tones but don't want to lug around a massive rig, the Boss ST-2 Power Stack Overdrive Pedal might be just what you're looking for.

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