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DiMarzio plastic film capacitors are made from dielectric polyester in combination with aluminum foil. The epoxy resin coating is superior at humidity rejection and increases the cap's life span.

The small size makes them easy to install in the control compartment of your guitar or bass.

Each capacitor is individually tested to meet our rigid quality standards.

The CAPACITOR .033 MICROFARAD - EP1033, also known as the DiMarzio EP1033 .033 Microfarad Capacitor, is commonly used in electric guitars, particularly those with humbucking pickups. Some of its primary uses include:

* Tone Capacitor: It is often used as a tone capacitor, which helps shape the tone of the guitar by controlling the amount of high frequencies that are filtered out when the tone knob is adjusted.
* Treble Bleed: This capacitor can be used as a treble bleed, which helps maintain the high-end frequencies when the volume is turned down, preventing the sound from becoming muddy or dull.
* Humbucker Pickups: The EP1033 is particularly useful for humbucker pickups, as it helps to maintain clarity and definition in the tone.

Overall, this capacitor is a popular choice among guitarists and guitar technicians for its ability to improve the tone and performance of electric guitars, particularly those with humbucking pickups.

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