DiMarzio FH1000C - Pickguard and Backplate Screws - Nickel - Set of 24

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The DiMarzio GH1000G is a pack of 24 high-quality screws designed to securely attach pickguards and backplates to Gibson-style guitars. These screws are gold-plated, giving your guitar a stylish and elegant look.

The GH1000G screws are made with precision, featuring Phillips heads for easy installation and removal. The pack of 24 screws ensures that you have enough for all your guitar's pickguards and backplates.

Whether you're replacing old, worn-out screws or just looking to upgrade the appearance of your Gibson-style guitar, the DiMarzio GH1000G screws are a great choice. Their gold finish adds a touch of class and their high-quality construction ensures that they will last for years to come.

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