DiMarzio GH1000G Gibson-Style Pickguard/Cover Screws, Package of 24, GOLD

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The DiMarzio GH1000G is a set of 24 high-quality, gold-plated screws designed to securely fasten pickguards and backplates on Gibson-style guitars. These screws feature a Phillips head and are the perfect replacement for lost or damaged screws.

Crafted from durable materials with precision threading, the GH1000G screws provide a secure hold for your guitar's pickguard and backplate. The gold finish adds a touch of elegance to your instrument, complementing its overall aesthetic.

Included in the package are 24 screws, ensuring you have enough for multiple replacements or for future projects. The DiMarzio GH1000G Gibson-style pickguard/cover screws are a reliable and visually appealing choice for guitarists seeking to maintain the appearance and functionality of their instrument.

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